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Manage Installation

You can manage your installation of Citrus Perl from the "Manage Installation" tab in Citrus Perl Utilities.




This is for information only and provides the name of this distribution..


This is for information only and provides the version of this Citrus Perl installation. The version string is created as 5.PPRRR where "5.PP" is the Perl version (5.14, 5.16 etc)and "RRR" is the internal Citrus release number ( 003, 004 etc.).


This is for information only and provides the version of Perl installed (e.g. 5.16.1).

Installation and Maintenance


On MS Windows you must provide an installation of gcc if you wish to build XS modules. Until you have installed a version of gcc, the MinGW GCC control will display "NO GCC INSTALLED."

You can download an appropriate version of gcc or point to an existing installation by using the 'Set GCC' button. It is advisable to only use a version of MinGW gcc compatible with the version used to create the Perl distribution. You can ensure this by only using the MinGW intsllations provided via the download option of Set GCC

The gcc distributions used with Citrus Perl are also available directly from where you will find full source and a build environment. Using the download option with the Set GCC button simply ensures you only download a compatible version from


On MacOSX with the release of Xcode 4.3 and later the location of the build SDKs has moved. Citrus Perl needs to be updated to point at the appropriate SDK. When you Relocate Citrus Perl the installation is updated to point at the correct SDK. However, if you subsequently update Xcode and the location of the SDKs changes, building XS modules will no longer work. The 'Reset SDK button will update Perl to point at the currently installed SDK, wherever that is. Clicking the 'Reset SDK' button at any time should have no adverse effects.

Package Management

The Perl modules provided with Citrus Perl are grouped into several bundles or 'Packages'. This allows updates to the individual packages to be made without requiring a re-release of the entire Citrus distribution. It also allows you to select a version of wxWidgets choosing between the stable 2.8 branch and the development 2.9 branch.

There is more information on the Package groups used by Citrus Perl on the Citrus Packages page.

Catalog Timestamp

A downloaded package catalog contains a timestamp that is used to identify its version. This timestamp is updated each time you download the update catalog.

Last Catolog Refresh

This contains the time that you last refreshed the package catalog.

Refresh Package Catalog

Use this button to refresh the package catalog. Any available updates to packages will appear in the List Box. The List Box will display both installed and available packages.

Install Selected Package

If the package you have selected in the List Box is not installed, you may install it using this button.

Reinstall Selected Package

Some packages cannot be removed because doing so would break the basic operation of Citrus Perl. If the package you have selected in the list box cannot be removed, it may always be re-installed using this button.

Remove Selected Package

If the package you have selected in the List Box can be removed, you can remove it using this button.

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