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Create Distribution

Citrus Perl allows you to create your own distribtion of Perl. Typically you might install several extra CPAN modules and perhaps create some custom executables.

You can rename the distribution and include a custom installscript that runs after the standard relocation process. You might use this to set up desktop items for the end user.


Distribution Name

This will replace 'Citrus Perl' in your distribution. Specifically you may use Letters, numbers and spaces in the distribution name. If you specified 'My Custom Perl', then 'My Custom Perl' would be used to replace 'Citrus Perl' in dialogs and the 'Citrus Perl Utilities' application. The top level folder for your distribution is always 'perl'. This can be changed by the end user after extraction and before relocation of the distribution.

Please name your distributions something other than Citrus Perl. If they are named 'Citrus Perl' then end users may be confused about the origin of your distribution.

Release Number

This is used when creating the distribution archive and allows you to identify the distribution release in both the archive name and via Citrus::ReleaseNumber()

Distribution Type

You can produce a distribution packaged either as an archive (zip or tar.gz depending on your platform) or as an old style self extracting executable as used with previous releases of Citrus Perl. You can produce both if you wish.

Non GUI Distribution

You can produce a distribution without any GUI components by checking this option. Note that because the Citrus Perl Utilities application will not be included end users will not be able to use your distribution to create new distributions of their own.

Utils Splash Logo

If you don't like the standard splash screen png for the Citrus Utilities Application, you can select your own here.

Custom Install Script

You can optionally provide a custom install script. This script will be run at installation time using the installed Perl executable after relocation has taken place so the script will see a standard Perl installation. If the script exits with a none zero value, the installation will report failure. The script is extracted for installation as ../pathtoperl/bin/ it is deleted on successfull completion but is is not deleted if the script fails.

Create Distribution

When you use the 'Create Disribution' an archive distribtion will be created in ../pathtoperl/distribution. You may use and install this exactly as you would Citrus Perl. This is the method used to create the Citrus Perl distributions.

The process may take some time depending on your system and load.

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