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Citrus Perl Utilities

The Citrus Perl Utilities Application allows you to configure and update your Citrus Perl installation.

Citrus Perl is provided as a zip archive for MS Windows or a tarball for Linux and MacOSX.

Instructions for installation are given here: Installing Citrus Perl.

Once Citrus Perl has been installed and relocated you can run the Citrus Perl Utilities application:

Windows and Linux...



open "../pathtoperl/bin/Citrus Perl"

More simply you can run the application from Explorer or Finder.

Once Citrus Perl is installed, if you are working on MS Windows you will need a MinGW gcc installation. You can either download a compatible version of MinGW gcc or use an already installed version. This allows you to share an installation of MinGW between different editions of Citrus Perl.

Once your setup is complete, you can begin to use Citrus Perl. On MS Windows the batch file ../pathtoperl/bin/citrusterm.bat will open a command window with appropriate environment settings for this Citrus Perl. For Linux and MacOSX, you should open a terminal and run

. ./pathtoperl/

If you are unfamiliar with *nix type environments, the above command is 'period', 'space', 'path to'. After running this, "perl -V" should give you output for this installation of Citrus Perl, and "which" should return the script at .../pathtoperl/vendor/bin/

The Citrus Perl Utilities allow you to:

Manage Installation and Updates

Create a new Perl Distribution

Create Dependent Executables

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