Citrus Perl is provided as a tar.gz archive for Linux and MacOSX and as a zip archive for MS Windows.

The current releases of Citrus Perl can be downloaded from the sourceforge project site.

You should read the installation information for your platform after downloading.

The archives are named with the format:



standard  - The flavour of Citrus Perl. Available  flavours are

  • standard  - the normal distribution for Windows XP and above, Linux RHEL 5 and above ( all recent Linux distributions ), OSX - Intel  Macs running 10.6 Snow Leopard  or greater.

  • el3 - a  distribution that will run on RHEL 3, RHEL 4 and potentially other older Linux releases.

  • ubuntults - a Linux distribution that uses the latest libraries and features available on recent Linux distros. Notably this includes wxWebView. Built on Ubuntu LTS 12.04 this distribution can be used on other recent releases such as Fedora 17.

  • universal - a distribution for OSX 10.5 Leopard that will run on both both ppc and Intel Macs

51603 - the version of Perl (5.16.3 in this case)

linux  - The operating system  ( linux  / osx / msw )

x86 - Architecture. Linux and Windows archives  are given the architectures x86 (32 bit)  and x64 (64 bit x84_64/amd64). For MacOSX  architectures can be u32 (ppc & i386  universal binaries), i32 (Intel only 32 bit i386 binaries) or i64 (Intel only 64 bit x86_64 binaries).

018 - the Citrus release number.

After download there is a short installation procedure required to relocate Perl.

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