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Ubuntu LTS CitrusPerl Released

With the release of  an updated CitrusPerl there also comes a new flavour 'ubuntults'.

This flavour is provided to give access to the latest available features of wxWidgets 2.9.4 on the most recent releases of Linux distributions. In addition to using more up to date libraries this flavour is also able to provide the useful Wx::WebView for Linux users.

Although named 'Ubuntu LTS' after the environment on which it is built, this Citrus Perl flavour is suitable for any recent Linux distribution and has been tested on Fedora 17.

Please read the Installation instructions for Citrus Perl where a couple of runtime requirements are listed. this will avoid initial disappointment running the application or attempting to use Wx::GLCanvas and Wx::WebView.

Citrus Perl 5.16.1 Updated

To support the features available in Wx 0.9912  with enabled builds of wxWidgets, Citrus Perl 5.16.1 has been updated with a new release available for download.

An important and useful feature made available in Wx 0.9912 is runtime assertions in wxWidgets 2.9.4 and above.

There is a wiki entry on the subject at the wxPerl wiki but it basically gives you debug build like information in release mode builds. The assertions can be switched on and off by your Perl code or by an environment variable.

There is also a fix for an old standing problem with Hash::Util::FieldHash which may please the Moose herd.

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